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10 minutes writing drill

As many others do, I going to start a new experiment - for the next 10 days I'll spend the first 10 minutes of the day writing.


Because I feel that I have stuff to say and at least a small amount of it should be stored.

For the first day I'll discuss the Wordpress-Wix controversy.

Unfortunately, someone have overlooked the GPL issue and that cost us dearly - we now need to open source our new WixOne mobile app. That sucks.

The thing I regret the most is that Avishai in his response letter didn't acknowledge that. This would have made it the bigger man, given that there's no dout that the attack was petty and uncalled for.

I hope this get sorted out for the best soon. Surely the whole IP and open source licensing issues are not straightforward and will continue to accompany all software dev for a long while.

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