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Offsite - Day 3

3rd day of the offsite was dedicated to an outdoors activity. The second best way to cause developer bonding is by drinking together (The first being coding together..).

We had a plan to on a yacht but that fell through due to a wavy sea. Liran stepped up and managed to arrange for us a Cooking Contest.

We arrived to the place and were divided to two groups. Each group got tons of ingredients and was told to prepare 4 main courses, 3 side dishes and a desert.

Luckily, we had with us a former su-chef and a baking enthusiast. They were named team captains and they led the way.

Although most of us didn't have a clue on what we're doing, we managed to create pretty tasty food within the 1.5 hours limitation. Oh, almost forgot to mention that we had unlimited wine suplly that we were sure to take advantage of.. :)

After that we all went to the beach, drank some more, played a bit of volleyball, went swimming and just hung out. Lots of fun, Lots of bonding.

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