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San Fran

The actual trigger for starting this blog is our upcoming business trip to San Francisco.

Tomer, Roi and I are going for a week-long usability testing session. In simple words this means meeting with native-English-speaking users in person, users who have or want to have a blog, and watch them do just that. During the process we're to monitor their actions, and more importantly, their behavior, and figure out what they like and dislike about our product. This will give us a chance to test our assumptions and decisions and this how real users are handling them.

In our situation it's a bit trickey, becuase we know for a fact that we have weak spots. Really hoping this doesn't turn into bashing of our work. Also, I'd relly have to make an effort not to take this criticism personally and focus on the bigger picture, trying to figure out where our product should be heading.

We currently have 8 such sessions scheduled, hoping to get the number up to 11 which will give us 2-3 session per day. Each session is about 90 minutes long. During a "dry run" we did this week that only lasted 40 minutes - it's going to be a challenge to stay focused, and, again, unoffended.

We tried to prepare but I feel that we're not sure what we want the users to focus on and what kind of responses we want to hear. The hard thing is to imagine how can we ask users to sit and write posts or how long this kind of task would take them. I guess that we'll have to just wait for the first couple of users and see...

Another concern is that the three of us come from very different disceplines and are very stong minded which often makes each of us see an issue from a differnt angle and hard to reach an agreement. I hope that we're able to come to this amazing week with open minds and really LISTEN to the users, not just hear what we want to hear.

Anyway, our flight leaves in 2 days and I'm all excited.. Also got tickets to watch Golden State Warriors!!

San Fran, Here we come!

Full House. Fuller House is coming up on Netflix!


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