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Meet the team

Didn't ask for their permission yet, so will just stick to names.

They are an integral part of my life for 10 hours or so a day, 5 days a week. Whatever this blog will be about is significantly affected by them, so here they are:

Tomer Grencel, Product Manager

Roi Himan, UX

Tom Enden, Client dev

Nick gladkiy, Client dev (Ukraine), Ukraine tech lead

Yevhen Pavliuk, Client dev (Ukraine)

Andrey Shustariov, Client dev (Ukraine)

Mikhail Dagaev, Server dev

Olesia Zaichenko, QA

This is my team. The blog team. It's a bit funny actaully, but I didn't get to choose or recruit any of them. Tomer was there before me and was part of my recruitment, but the others joined after working at Wix for a while on other teams and projects. No one put a gun to my head so that I accept them, and yet, it's not your typical "team-leader-builds-a-team" type of scenario.

While we're mentioning weird stuff about my team, you may notice that half the team members are in Ukraine (Dnepropetrovsk, to be exact. Been there 3 times already, would definitly dedicate a post to it..) while the rest, me included, are in Israel. I think that in Wix there're only 2 other organic teams that are split like that. It's definitely a challenge.

Anyway, this team, my team, are in charge of developing, improving and maintaining the Blog offering for Wix. Started around August 2014 we got this far. We know we have a lot of ground to cover and are doing are best to improve the blog, making it the best there is. Good luck to us.


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