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The view from Wix Lounge in San Francisco

It's the final day of our usability testing week in Wix San Francisco office. We've had the oppertunity to meet and observe 9 users of the blog.

9 users. That's all it took for us to figure out things about our product that are just not right. These are thing that we take for granted, working on this product daily and understanding the different concepts, but our users do not.ot some important input from them, too.

In addition, we took the time to meet with Tony and Esther, one of the many support representetives in the San Francisco office call center (which is amazing, BTW..) and g

This week has made it very clear that a better touch with our users and with support as thir representetives. I personally tend to dismiss most support cases as a nuisance that, as any other nuisance, I tend to postpone, but I realize how wrong this is.

We can sit back and be sure that the features that we think and plan are the greatest ideas ever, but our users may not precieve them as so. We should never forget about them or dismiss support cases as "Stupid User's fault". They may be stupid, but we need to make sure that they can do what they want, or at least make absolutly sure they do things the way that we intended it.

As a follow up to my previous post, this week has ignited many discussions and arguments among us. We still don't know what we need to do or how we should be doing that, but all of us are on the same page now - some major aspects in our product require some major rethinking.


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